Saurette and Oligny Genealogy

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Interactive tree of Jean-Baptiste Archambault

Angelique Archambault
Antoine-Timothee St Julien
Catherine Archambault
Joseph Dubreuil
Jean-Baptiste Archambault
Therese Archambault
Paul-Loup Archambault
Jean-Baptiste Archambault
Marie-Angelique Achim St Andre Baron
Jean-Baptiste Archambault
Marie-Josephe Brazeau
Pierre Archambault 16791753
Marie Catherine Lacombe 16811763
Laurent Archambault 16421730
Catherine Marchand 16341713
Jacques Archambault 16041688
Francoise Tourault 15991663
Pierre Marchand 1551
Genevieve Lepine
Jean-Baptiste Lacombe 16481732
Marie-Charlotte Millet 16621751
Etienne Lacombe
Marguerite Leroux
Nicolas Millet 16321674
Marie-Catherine Lorion 16371720
Gabriel Brazeau
Marie-Angelique Andegrave Champagne