Saurette and Oligny Genealogy

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Interactive tree of Marguerite Desnoyers

Marguerite Desnoyers
Joseph Fregeau
Pierre Desnoyers
Marie-Josette Cosse-Cauchon
Charlotte Malboeuf
Pierre Desnoyers 17101760
Marie-Joseph Latourneau
Jean-Baptiste Desnoyers 1753
Therese Menard-Lafontaine
Bernard Latourneau
Marie Helene Paquet
Charles Cosse-Cauchon
Marie-Francoise Dion-Guyon
Jean-Baptiste Malboeuf
Marie-Reine Metivier
Jean-Baptiste Malboeuf
Marie-Madeleine Simard Lombrette
Noel Laurent Metivier
Marie-Genevieve Roy
Jean-Baptiste Roy
Marie-Claire Cadrin