Saurette and Oligny Genealogy

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Interactive tree of Pierre Dumais

Pierre Dumais
Marie-Louise Archambault
Francois Amable Demers Dumais
Marie-Genevieve Morier
Pierre Demers Dumais
Marie-Anne Prudhomme
Mathurin Morier
Marie-Jeanne Madeleine Choret
Marie-Madeleine Gilbert
Jean Morier
Marie Mineau Lumina
Jean Morier
Anne Caron
Jean Mineau Lumina
Jeanne Caille
Pierre Choret
Marie-Anne Baugis 16691748
Mathieu Choret
Sebastienne Veillon
Michel Baugis 16381717
Marie-Madeleine Dubois 16401721
Etienne Gilbert
Marguerite Thibaut