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Finally Up and Running Again

For a long time now, I have been putting off the inevitable – installing and using new genealogy software on my computer. I loved my really antiquated version of Family Tree Maker. The old version really helped me input data quickly. It was a no frills program, yet still powerful enough for what I needed it to do. Fast forward to today.

I have received many e-mails lately about genealogy. Most of them were not for doing research, but some were. I had no way of updating my own database on my computer unless I did something quick – so I ponied up the money for the new FTM software (digital download at least to save money). The new interface is hard to get used to – it is information overload. I persevered, however, and was able to update my database and then get those updates onto the site.

I’ve done some back-end work too, but nothing that should concern the genealogy stuff. I’m also contemplating a redesign of the site. Most of you land inside one of the databases and never even see the site, so it is more for myself than anything else. I’ve also taken down the guestbook as it was getting spammed a lot, despite the captcha and other stuff to prevent that sort of thing. Oh well – not like it was being overrun with comments!

Here We Go . . . .

So it is now 2013. Huh. That’s really strange to me since I’ve posted very little here of late. Genealogy has sort of fallen off of my radar the past couple years, but I am committed to keeping my information available to those people who stumble across my site. One problem that I’ve run into is this: I used to use an old version of Family Tree Maker. When I upgraded to Windows 7 a while ago, I found out that FTM wouldn’t work on the 64-bit version. Lovely. The solution was to create a virtual machine within Win 7 and run the program that way. It was laborious and not fun to do.

I recently started my system from scratch and have not installed any genealogy software on my computer. I am not sure what I’m going to do at this point. I don’t really like the new FTM software as it relies so heavily on integration with If, however, I ever want to do any mass data input, then I am going to need something so that I can then upload the new information to my site. At this time, I’m just reviewing my options. I haven’t had the itch to do mass data input for a long time, but it would be nice to keep things up to date as I do get new stuff.

I’m also hoping this isn’t my only post for 2013. I’m sure it won’t be, but then again, 2012 had just the one. While it may not seem like I’m around, you can always e-mail directly for help with your own research. I still have all my French-Canadian resources at my disposal and can help out as needed. Until next time (hopefully not 2014) happy geneaology-ing!

Wow, Time is Flying

I was doing some updates behind the scenes here at and noticed that it has been a looooong time since I posted anything. I have not been doing much genealogy related work with the exception of handling some email inquiries. I suspect that the warmer weather will cause people to do other things, myself included. If, however, you are still doing your genealogy and need or want my help, you can always drop me a line. I’m here to help if you need it. This just happens to be one of those times in my life that genealogy is lower on my list of “things-to-do” in my spare time.

Have a great summer, people! Thanks for all the hits in the databases as well.